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January 2001

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The rugged and dramatic mountain scenery of the South Western United States made the perfect background for this Sandhill Crane in flight.

Many thousands of birds winter along the Rio Grande River with the highest concentration at Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico. I was on my second visit to this wonderful place and as every licence plate says, it really is 'the land of enchantment'

February 2001

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The Nilgai or Bulebull is the largest Antelope in Asia. Because of its likeness to the cow is deemed scared in India. This 'protection' has allowed the species to flourish.

I photographed this beautiful male half an hour before dusk. He allowed a slow approach on foot, watching me closely between each mouthful of his meal.

March 2001

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I was having 'one if those days'.

If I were fishing I'd be telling stories of the one that got away! I was ready to put the camera away 'lets just make one more loop' Karen said. So, I did and just before sunset on the corner of the track a family of Mule Deer wondered out of the bushes and started feeding on lush vegetation near the roadside…

...you never know what's around the corner!

April 2001

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Action shots are exciting and quite often its about being at the right place at the right time.

I watched this Willet catch a clam at Balsa Chica, Southern California. It started to lever open the shell when another joined it. Not relishing the competition it made off, in a hurry.

May 2001

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Photographing sea birds on cliff edges is exhilarating and sometimes a little scary.

This Guillemot landed just below my precarious vantage point. I don't know whether I was worried about falling off, or, dropping the camera into the sea below, anyway, the shot was worth it.

June 2001


Ruff gather at a traditional lek in Northern Norway where their business to to find a mate. Sporting a wonderful variety of different coloured plumes each bird occupies a small area defending it aggressively. When a female (Reeve) arrives several birds gather round displaying while others crouch waiting. She may choose a partner or move onto another lek.

I photographed over 20 deterrent Ruff on this particular lek, here are just 4 of these beautiful birds.

July 2001

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In late spring Common Terns arrive to breed at Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour. I photographed this eager male displaying to its mate on the nest below.

Black Headed Gulls, Common and Sandwich Terns share the small Islands on the lagoon creating intense competition for a nesting site. With different species at various stages of the breeding cycle the daily squabbling is a joy to watch and photograph.

August 2001

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I photographed this Bar-Tailed Godwit on the Fleet at low tide. I made a slow approach moving forward little by little, waiting for the bird to relax.

Once the group stopped feeding and started preening I knew that my presence was accepted. I was able to make several images including this individual wing stretching.

May 2002

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A Sea Otter enhydra lutris cradles her pup in the cold Alaskan waters of Kachemak Bay. Mother Sea Otters habitually carry young pups on their chests grooming them meticulously, which make their fur buoyant.

The largest North American member of the Weasel family; Sea Otters were severely depleted by over hunting in the early 20th century but have since made a dramatic recovery. To keep warm in the freezing sea they have densely packed under fur (approx 500,00 hairs per sq. inch). Feeding mainly on crabs, snails and fish they need to consume up to 25% of their body weight per day in order to survive.

Photographing these gregarious and playful creatures from the back of a small boat was a challenging and rewarding experience that will remain with me for a long time.


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